The Problem with Video Games and Millennial’s

The Problem with Video Games and Millennial’s

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Look… I realize this will make me put on a show of being the most established of elderly person waterways. I don’t play computer games. I haven’t grabbed a controller to anything in well over a year. I know beyond all doubt that there is a Xbox 360 in our wardrobe gathering residue, and I truly wouldn’t have the capacity to disclose to you what age of Xbox individuals are playing at the present time.

In my brain, I don’t possess energy for them (despite the fact that I DO possess energy for them). I’ll clarify beneath.

The Pokemon Go impact

I’m certain every one of you have seen for this present week on the off chance that you’ve opened up any of your online life applications – cracking Pokemon resurrected and has recent college grads accomplishing more physical action than we’ve done since secondary school.

My first idea was: “Huh, that is kinda cool. I adored Pokemon when I was 10.”

That is the point at which it began. This $hit is really occurring for genuine folks.

My news feed has been FLOODED with Picachus and a cluster of other irregular animation creatures that I haven’t seen since I had lunch at a cafeteria table. I kinda experienced this forswearing stage supposing it was only a couple of individuals, and afterward stun when I understood it was likely 60% of my companions, and after that I was kinda pissed:

Twenty to thirty year old whine about their lives… a ton

I can’t reveal to you how often over the previous year I’ve seen individuals my age get agitated about their low-paying occupations, understudy credit obligation, the shrewdness 1% holding them down, and so on and so on. and so on.

Here’s the arrangement – there are individuals out there like me that don’t squander their time on computer games, and we’re doing some entirely mind blowing stuff by, you know… working more and utilizing our innovation aptitudes for making $$$.

On the off chance that I had supplanted my time figuring out how to construct sites and compose posts with Call of Duty and *can’t trust I’m stating this* Pokemon, do you think I’d have the capacity to sling items for a huge number of dollars on my cracking site by composing and clicking a couple of catches?

Or then again stroll in and harmony out from work I didn’t care for. Or then again work from wherever I need at whatever point I need. Or on the other hand compose a check for a $25,000 vessel this year. Or on the other hand live obligation free.

The appropriate response is a vehement no.

Individuals are really doing what I’m doing

In the event that you aren’t content with where you are throughout everyday life – get off the d@$# computer games and begin doing stuff that will make you a triumph. Quit griping about your life.

There are individuals that do what I do (blogging) that make $50,000 or more a MONTH.

  • There are You Tubers making $1,000,000+ per YEAR.
  • There are individuals moving stuff on eBay that are KILLING IT.
  • There are individuals moving items on Amazon who make 7 DIGITS.

Like… this stuff is genuine folks. You can’t whine about “not having enough time”, or being kept down by the economy when there are SO. MANY. WAYS. to make additional cash out there in your extra time that you are squandering.

I would prefer not to hear that you can’t bear the cost of your understudy advances on the off chance that you get a controller all the time. I can’t tune in to that garbage any longer. I would prefer not to hear that life isn’t reasonable in light of the fact that your barista work isn’t sufficiently paying. Go land a second position and hustle at carport deals on the ends of the week. Make it work. Goodness.

Life isn’t reasonable… so drop the computer games

I will say this as gently as possible: Nobody thinks about your issues throughout everyday life. Enough said. The main individual that will improve your life and progressively fruitful is you, and it’s difficult to do that when you’re planning your next “assault” with a multi year old child over your headset.

Presently – this isn’t to say don’t have leisure activities. I adore side interests. In any case, I haven’t whined about my life in well over a year in view of the work and forfeits I have put in INSTEAD of “gaming”.

*If you are thoroughly cool with your understudy credits and your activity, disregard the 645 words over this. This was for the general population that imagine they work more earnestly than they really do and whine when life doesn’t simply give them their seventh place track medal.*

The greatness days are over folks – we don’t get remunerated for sucking at stuff in grown-up land as we completed 15 years prior. It’s brutal over here, all things considered, and in the event that you squander your time on garbage, you can make the most of your lower-working class life and home loan on a bad house for the following 30 years.

*Whew*. Needed to get that out into the open.

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