How much do you spend on car maintenance?

How much do you spend on car maintenance?

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A ton of you that have pursued M$M from the earliest starting point realize that I used to drive around a VERY uncovered boned minimal red truck through school and a couple of years after. I’ve as of late “climbed” to my 2004 Yukon (which I purchased for $6,000 money), and I’m extremely content with it. My better half additionally drives an old vehicle that continues breaking, which is the reason I need to discuss vehicle support today!

All things considered, the genuine reason is that I just dropped $877 on another A/C blower, fan, and fluid line in her 2004 Jeep Liberty this week. Also, I LOVED EVERY SECOND OF IT. Try not to stress… I’ll clarify.

We have a quite wiped out rainy day account (not to boast), so it truly was definitely not a major ordeal at all spending that kind of money on an old vehicle. When you live in Texas and the A/C goes out, it’s really a huge cracking arrangement.

It’s hot as damnation here. Truly.

Our Car Maintenance Total Spend for 2016

This year has likely been the most exceedingly awful one we’ve had so far as far as vehicle support genuinely. Starting at July 21, 2016 we have spent an aggregate of $1,639.22:

“The Beast” (2004 Yukon XL)

  • $436.62 – Fuel sensor peaced out and some sort of popping sound in the suspension that was driving me insane
  • $45.52 – Oil change (I coincidentally said yes to the “full-benefit” without acknowledging it… ugh)

“The Jeep” (2004, well… Jeep)

  • $877.43 – A/C blower, fan, and fluid line went bye-bye
  • $254.15 – Back traveler window engine punked out and passed on
  • $25.50 – Oil change (She’s expected RIGHT NOW for another… gotta get on that)

Once more, we’ve burned through $1,639.22 so far on vehicle support this year.

As I just recorded this, I’m understanding that it truly hasn’t been so harsh as I thought it seemed to be. I really put these buys on my MasterCard ($$$for the points$$$) and as constantly satisfied everything toward the month’s end.

One of the most compelling motivations I get notification from twenty to thirty year old about purchasing another vehicle is that they would prefer not to burn through cash on the upkeep. So… .allows simply observe who is kicking whom’s @$$ with regards to cash.


How about we envision that Coral and I came up with the rationalization to ourselves that we required new autos on the grounds that upkeep is only SUCH as problem *rolls eyes*. What’s more, we can “bear” the regularly scheduled installments.

In this way, we go down to the dealership, exchange our vehicles, and after that obtain some cash with enthusiasm from the general population moving the autos for some SHINY new ones.

I’ve made a decent attempt as I can to keep the old and new vehicles the equivalent regarding quality and style. In any case:

They don’t make the Jeep Liberty any longer. It was supplanted by the Cherokee.

They put a great deal of poo in autos since they didn’t in 2004. Wow. I got the trim and alternatives pretty shockingly close however.

2016 Yukon XL SLTCar upkeep

  • Vehicle upkeep
  • 2016 Jeep Cherokee
  • Vehicle upkeep
  • Vehicle upkeep

I didn’t put an up front installment on the vehicles in this situation, I just exchanged my old ones in and utilized that as the initial installment (individuals do that right?). I figure I could sensibly exchange or move my present vehicle for $6,000, and Coral’s vehicle for $3,000.

Presently it’s math time!


  • New Yukon installment = $932/month
  • New Cherokee installment = $306/month
  • Absolute joined month to month spend on autos = $1,238
  • Absolute joined yearly spend on autos = $14,856


  • Our absolute spend on keeping up our old, satisfied autos this year = $1,639.22
  • Distinction between new vehicles and old autos for the year = $13,618

There are a great deal of varieties I could have utilized, such as purchasing utilized vehicles or less expensive new ones, financing at lower rates, greater initial installment, and so on. I’m as yet not certain that you would turn out winning in any situation, except if you had a $8-10,000 fix… .for the following 6 years.

I don’t give a $hit what sort of vehicle individuals see me driving. I couldn’t care less on the off chance that somebody supposes I’m poor, or my companions believe I’m shoddy. I question they would need to analyze financial balances. It doesn’t generally take a gigantic compensation to have various digits to your name on the off chance that you were pondering.

Now and again it just takes good judgment. Quit purchasing new vehicles to remunerate the “achievement” you haven’t really accomplished yet. Kindly

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